Final Fantasy VII MBTI Types [2/2] (based on x)

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Anonymous asked: Someone contacts you and wants to rekindle something once lost. What do you do?

It depends on what was lost.

I don’t believe that you can just find a relationship again. It’s either somehow you have a completely new relationship or you somehow fix the old one. Making it new.

If a friend I haven’t talked to in a while contacted me I would gladly talk again doing my best not to be awkward and more inviting

If an old love came back well I wouldn’t know about love but someone I had deep connection with wanted to come back I would have to say no. I would say we can start off as possible friends (that is if you two are completely over what you had)

Honestly there is no good answer for this. I personally don’t like to completely ignore anyone in my life. I have done that a few times don’t get me wrong but I’m the end it was a waste of my power and my energy despising the other person. I didn’t go to the efforts to make them an important person in my life but I did make it so we were on speaking terms.

So really what is it YOU want. You won’t be a bad person in certain peoples eyes if you wish to do nothing in others you might be terrible .

I’m sorry if I don’t give the best advice but I’m always here to talk to anyone if they wish! If you want a more in dept answer I will do my best to give so! I hope you have An amazing life!

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i don’t know what type of person I am. What kind of person I want to become. If I drop everything and dedicate myself to a dream that only allows around 0.001% to succeed will I be a fool. Or…Will I have the courage to push pass the numbers…will I find people who believe in me to push pass those numbers.